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Lana Condor as Lara Jean and Noah Centineo as Peter in ‘Always and Forever.’ Pic from:

Psst: spoilers for the latest To All the Boys movie ahead! Venture at your own risk.

Lara Jean Song Covey loves love. We learned this almost immediately about her in the 2018 film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before — or even earlier, in the pages of the novel upon which the movie is based. By the third movie, Always and Forever, released this past weekend, she loves love no less, and why would she, when she finds herself in such an idyllic high school romance? …

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers.

Undoubtedly by now, you’ve heard about the latest accusations against Buffy creator Joss Whedon, this time from Charisma Carpenter — Cordelia on the show. Her allegations follow the firing of Ray Fisher, who also has spoken up about Whedon’s abusive behavior on the set of Justice League. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard allegations about Joss Whedon — in fact, it feels like every few months, we hear something new about what an asshole he is. But for some reason, this time feels different, like people actually plan on taking the accusations seriously. …

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Eve wanted to know everything, so God gave her the one thing she couldn’t intellectualize: a human body. Pretty killer curse, if you ask me, to know you’re perpetually dying and can’t do anything about it. To watch this crude husk deteriorate, your soul painfully in tact inside a ticking time bomb. To do everything you can to try to bring to heel such a fallible host with its snot and shit and ever-weakening knees.

It would be better not to have a body. To come out of your mother as you really are (a beam of light, a bullet…

Okay, so like, the thing about the end of the world is that it happened at a totally inconvenient time. It was like three weeks before Prom that all this crazy stuff started to happen, and I’d just picked out my dress. I mean, these new Prada heels were not proper apocalypse wear!

Daddy was also super stressed about it, too, cause he was losing a ton of clients to, like, the virus and stuff. …

When we emerge from all this insanity in, well, however many months, it’s safe to say the world as we’ve known it will be gone, replaced by something radically different. My hope is that on the other side awaits a world that is softer and kinder, one where we actively take care of one another, but for that to happen, it will take our personal and global dedication.

It will also take us not losing our minds in the interim.

For a little advice on how to not lose our minds as we do our best to isolate, let’s turn…

When you start out as an actor, everybody warns you that this industry will be hard; they tell you very few people actually manage to make it as actor professionally; they even warn you you’ll probably be so exhausted from your shifts at the diner or the bar or whatever mediocre job you take just to survive that it will be a Herculean feat to find the energy and motivation to actually get yourself to auditions.

But nobody tells you — not really, not clearly enough — that pursuing a career in the arts comes with a bunch of hidden…

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash.

ST. LOUIS, MO — Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, local feminist activist Jessica Bell revealed that all she really, really wants is to be groped by a strange man, preferably one who adheres to rigorously strict gender norms.

“Really, the rougher the grab, the better,” said Bell, whose revelation comes on the heels of the recently released ‘Trump Tapes.’

“It’s not that I condone what Donald Trump said,” she assured reporters, “but I would like someone to do that to me.”

When asked whether she thought her desires contradicted her long-held feminist beliefs, Bell said she no longer sees any…

NEW YORK, NY — A mere twenty-four hours before Election Day, it appears there’s one group of voters Hillary Clinton still hasn’t managed to win over: young, white men. A recent survey revealed that this group is overwhelmingly reluctant to cast their vote for the only candidate in the 2016 election with any real chance of defeating Actual Yam in a Wig and Part-time Hitler Impersonator Donald Trump.

Chad Chadderdon, one such millennial, says that Clinton still doesn’t seem trustworthy to him.

“She’s been in politics for like thirty years, so it seems like maybe she’s been plotting to be…

New York, NY — Despite previous claims that chivalry had died, new research suggests that, though in critical condition, it is, in fact, still alive.

Originally a set of principles for Medieval knights, chivalry had, in more recent centuries leading up to its disappearance, become a wide-spread practice used to placate women and keep them from attempting to gain any real political or social liberation. Most often it is a practice invoked with surprise, usually in the form of a, “Well I guess chivalry isn’t dead after all,” when a young man manages not to be a complete monster.


A month or so ago, I reviewed To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before as a kickoff to a series of reviews about romantic comedies. Obviously, said series has not taken off, but that’s because something much better, at least in my opinion, has: a podcast, co-run by myself, that breaks down all the best and worst movies of the rom-com genre.

It’s fun and light — a nice break from the current state of the world, in case you need that — but we also delve into feminist analysis of films that have often been considered either frivolous or anti-feminist, or both.

If you’re a lover of rom-coms or podcasts or both, you’ll love this one! Check out our first episode when you have the time!

Thanks for listening!

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